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From The Desk of Frank Mangano,
Natural Health Advocate,
Founder of Natural Health on the Web

If you ever wanted to lower your high blood pressure without high-priced prescriptions, or harmful drugs riddled with side effects, then this will most definitely be the most significant letter you read in your entire life.

Here’s why.

My name is Frank Mangano and I’ve discovered a method to lowering your blood pressure in an all-natural way. Using my ‘Mangano’ method, you can lower your high blood pressure…and do it naturally.

High blood pressure is often called the “silent killer” because most people don’t even know they have it and they can die without warning. This is as serious of a health concern as you can possibly have.

Look at the grim statistics the American Heart Association provides on High Blood Pressure:

  • High blood pressure (hypertension) killed 46,765 Americans in 2001. It was listed as a primary or contributing cause of death in about 251,000 U.S. deaths in 2000.
  • As many as 50 million Americans age 6 and older have high blood pressure.
  • One in five Americans (and one in four adults) has high blood pressure.
  • Of those people with high blood pressure, 30 percent don't know they have it.
  • Of all people with high blood pressure, 11 percent aren't on therapy (special diet or drugs), 25 percent are on inadequate therapy, and 34 percent are on adequate therapy.
  • The cause of 90–95 percent of the cases of high blood pressure isn't known; however, high blood pressure is easily detected and usually controllable.
  • High blood pressure affects more than 40 percent of African Americans.

Here’s more of what the American Heart Association says about what a grave concern high blood pressure is: “High blood pressure is the No. 1 modifiable risk factor for stroke. It also contributes to heart attacks, heart failure, kidney failure and atherosclerosis (fatty buildups in arteries). In some cases, it can cause blindness.”

Are you getting the picture of how serious this is? Well, before we shout that the sky is falling and start wallowing in doom-and-gloom thinking, remember that this can be treated. It can be prevented. That is why they say it is a “modifiable” risk factor. That’s where I come in. I help you lower your blood pressure, totally naturally.

Now realize this – I’m not a doctor and I don’t claim to be one. However, I am a hardcore researcher when it comes to finding solutions for people, especially those close to me.

It all started with my mother. She had high cholesterol. (I’ll show you how this relates to high blood pressure in just a minute, ok?) Being the good son I am, I buried my nose in all the medical books, reports, and articles I could find to discover a way for her to lower her cholesterol.

And the hard work paid off. What I gave my mother was a plan based on hard science that allowed her to drop her cholesterol without drugs. Her cholesterol dropped 40 points with my all-natural system. This kind of result normally leaves doctors slack-jawed at the amazing results.

Wanting to help more people, I wrote the top-selling e-book on it called “The 60 Day Prescription-Free Cholesterol Cure”. That e-book is now helping crowds of people in 17 countries around the world to lower their cholesterol naturally.

Here’s what sparked my idea to create the ‘Mangano’ method for lowering blood pressure – I discovered that often times (not always) when someone had high cholesterol, they had high blood pressure too. This is usually because the same lifestyle habits lead to both ailments…according to the renowned and respected American Heart Association.

So if I was going to help my mother lower her cholesterol, I decided to help make sure she had normal blood pressure too. Makes sense, right? And so I went back to the library…more determined than ever before to find a real, bonafide, all-natural system for cutting your blood pressure.

I swear that the librarians glared at me because I spent day and night in the library…scurrying around…researching how to lower your blood pressure…I’m a little embarrassed to admit this but…it became an all-consuming obsession for me to find out how to drop your blood pressure through the floor. I had to know.

And dare I say…I have succeeded in this regard. But I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Here’s why what I’ve discovered won’t (or can’t) be found anywhere else – Listen up…you probably could find all this same information as long as you were willing to spend endless hours…living and researching in the library…to recreate what I’ve put together in my unique ‘Mangano’ method. But you’d have to be insane to want to do that, especially when I’ve already done it for you.

Introducing Blood Pressure Miracle

The Mangano Method for Controlling High Blood Pressure

Here's What Dr. Joe Vitale Says
About Frank Mangano

"Attaining optimal health is essential to improving your overall quality of life.

With so much information circulating about what's healthy and what's not, it's important to be able to rely on a trusted resource to protect your health.

In my opinion, Frank Mangano is among the most trusted resources anyone could have when it comes protecting their health.

His vast knowledge and years of research and dedication toward finding solutions to health problems safely and naturally clearly demonstrates why so many people turn to him when they need the right answers.

I would recommend that anyone interested in attaining optimal health or healing themselves of just about any ailment safely and naturally, take a look at anything that Frank has to offer. It could mean adding years to your life."

-- Dr. Joe Vitale
Star of the "The Secret"
#1 Best Selling Author of "The Attractor Factor"

See Who Else is Endorsing Blood Pressure Miracle

Putting together all these techniques for lowering your blood pressure is like finding numerous needles in a haystack. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to have to do this.

Your doctor will never tell you these methods. Simply put…they can’t teach you what they don’t know. They can’t recommend something that they don’t know. What do they know? They know that for almost every ailment, they can write a prescription for some drug that the greedy pharmacy companies are peddling now. It’s not their fault. It’s how they’re trained in med school.

You want to know something that I find humorous and disturbing at the same time? I am widely regarded as the #1 ‘enemy’ of the monster drug-making companies because I’m a died-in-the-wool outsider who wants to show people such as yourself how to lower blood pressure naturally. Hey, if you get the same result of dropping your blood pressure without having to buy their overpriced drugs with harmful side effects, it breaks their lock on the market and pisses them off to no end.

This electronic manual is the publication that pharmaceutical company executives wish would go away. They wish it never existed. They get spittin’ mad at the sheer thought that someone like YOU now has another alternative to being handcuffed to their drug regimen.

Here’s the deal with prescription drugs and blood pressure – Yes, they do work. Pay close attention here – Bear in mind that you have to buy the drugs forever and take them continuously or else you’ll have high blood pressure again. This means that you’re like a rat running on the endless treadmill for the pharmaceutical companies. If you listen carefully, can’t you just hear the drug company big shots laughing all the way to the bank?

Imagine how much money you’ll save on prescription drug costs alone.

Well, I’m sick and tired of it. I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore. If there’s a way to “stick it” to the big drug companies and drop your blood pressure at the same time in a totally natural way, then it’s high time to celebrate. Get excited my friend because that time is now. And it’s the ‘Mangano method’ that I’ve put in this electronic manual (e-manual). You can drop your blood pressure in an all-natural way with my exclusive technique.

Another thing…if you want to drop your blood pressure through the floor, then this is perfect for you. AND…if you want to prevent high blood pressure, you can do that too using the ‘Mangano’ method.

Did I mention the harmful side effects of taking blood pressure-lowering drugs?

Here’s what the American Heart Association listed as potential side effects:

• leg cramps
• fatigue
• attacks of gout
• insomnia
• cold hands and feet
• depression
• a slow heartbeat
• symptoms of asthma
• impotence
• skin rashes
• loss of taste
• a chronic dry
• hacking cough
• (rare instances) kidney damage
• occasional dizziness
• heart palpitations (your heart flutters unpredictably)
• swollen ankles
• constipation
• headache
• drowsiness or sluggishness
• dryness of the mouth
• fever
• anemia
• a stuffy nose
• diarrhea
• heartburn
• possible nightmares
• swelling around the eyes
• aches and pains in the joints
• fluid retention (marked weight gain)
• excessive hair growth

Yikes! Now bear in mind that all the prescription blood-pressure-reducing drugs don’t have all these symptoms all the time. But if just seeing that list of potential side effects isn’t enough for you to turn and run the other direction, what would be?

Let me be very blunt – what I’m offering you is an electronic manual that will show you the all-natural ‘Mangano’ method for lowering your blood pressure without high-priced prescription drugs riddled with harmful side effects. Let me say this again because it is important. My all-natural ‘Mangano’ method has no side effects. It uses the body the way it was designed to be used to drop your blood pressure.

The electronic manual comes in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. That is simply a computer file format that is viewable on all types of computers. To read this kind of file, you will need to download Adobe Acrobat. If this seems complex, just email me and I’ll hold your hand and walk you through the process step-by-step. When you decide you want to discover the ‘Mangano’ method for yourself, you’ll instantly download (transfer) the manual to your computer.

It’s really a very simple process when someone shows you how and it takes no more than 3 minutes to start reading the electronic manual on your computer. Don’t worry…I’ll help you out.

When I wrote the electronic manual, I wrote it with you in mind. I wrote it in a down-to-earth, no-nonsense style. There isn’t any difficult technical jargon or abstract scientific terms or concepts. What I do in the manual is explain everything as if we were having a conversation at your kitchen table and you were tapping into every last drop of my expertise for how to dramatically drop your blood pressure with my all-natural ‘Mangano’ method.

Don’t get me wrong…all the ideas are based upon sound scientific principles…it’s just that I don’t get all fancy and hi-falutin’ to explain it. Why do that when it’s not necessary? (If you can understand this letter I’m writing to you, you can understand the electronic manual easily.)

Here’s something else you should know about the electronic manual – Every suggestion I make in it is easy to understand and simple to follow. These are things you can do with just a tiny sliver of effort. These small things that you do (all described in the manual) will have a gigantic impact on your blood pressure. Anyone of normal intelligence can follow the plan and lower their blood pressure.

One other thing -- The routine for dropping your blood pressure can be done at your own pace. The more suggestions you follow, the quicker your blood pressure will plummet. It is NOT a bootcamp-style plan that you have to follow religiously.

Here’s why you should trust me even though I’m not a doctor – I created this electronic manual and the Cholesterol-lowering manual as a loving son who cares for my mother’s health. And I’m not going to give my Mother medical advice that was not rock-solid with hard, proven science backing it. What kind of a son would endanger his mother’s health?

In the electronic manual, you get the latest, up-to-the-minute techniques for how to drop your blood pressure all naturally. My rule is that if I wouldn’t give this advice to help my Mother, I surely wouldn’t pass it on to you. I absolutely won’t gamble with anyone’s health, least of all my precious Mother’s.

The bottom line is all these techniques are founded upon hard science and tested-and-proven principles.

If you think only people like your crazy aunt who is into crystals and plays with tarot cards are the kind of people into alternative treatments, think again. Alternative treatment, especially for high blood pressure, is gaining in favor with people. People are truly catching on…

Consider this following fact that will startle you: A November 1997 telephone survey of 1,500 adults conducted by Landmark Healthcare Inc., a managed alternative care company in Sacramento, California, found that 42 percent of these individuals had used some type of alternative care in the past year (see Brody, Jane E., "Alternative Medicine Makes Inroads, but Watch Out for Curves," The New York Times, April 28, 1998)

Wait up. Listen to this…those of us who are ‘in the know’ and who gravitate toward alternative therapies are typically more intelligent and educated than those who don’t. Here’s the research to back it up –images

“More recent research investigated the characteristics of persons who have used alternative medicine. First, individuals with college or graduate degrees were found to be more likely to use alternative medicine than those with high school education or less. Second, individuals reporting serious health problems were more likely to use alternative medicine than healthier individuals. Furthermore, the majority of individuals who used alternative medicine did so largely because they viewed these practices as being compatible with their own values, beliefs, and philosophy toward life and health, not because they were dissatisfied with conventional medicine” (Astin, John A., "Why Patients Use Alternative Medicine," JAMA 279(19), May 20, 1998, pp. 1548-1553)

So if the research is right, then you…the person reading this right now…are a pretty bright person, aren’t you? (I knew it all along…)

My point in bringing this to your attention is that alternative treatments are gaining widespread acceptance and more and more people are looking for alternatives to high priced, harmful, side-effect-plagued prescription drugs.

Here’s what I’m offering you today: I’m offering you a risk-free opportunity to try out my all-natural ‘Mangano’ method for reducing your blood pressure. Pay attention now…I’m going to take all the risk out of this transaction.

Don’t even say yes. Just say maybe. I’m going to stick my neck out and guarantee that you absolutely will drop your blood pressure with the ‘Mangano’ method or you pay nothing at all. To go the extra mile for you (as I wish all other businessmen treated me), I’ll even let you keep the electronic manual even if you decide that you want a refund.

And in the rare case that you might want a refund, I’ll give you a full, no-hassle, prompt refund. This guarantee lasts for an enormous eight weeks in length. If for any reason (or no reason at all) you don’t like the manual or the ‘Mangano’ method hasn’t worked for you, let me know, you’ll get your cash back and we’ll part as friends. Seriously…I don’t see any way that I can make it any fairer than that, do you?

See my Testimonials section to see unsolicited testimonials from people from all walks of life using and succeeding in controlling their blood pressure using the Blood Pressure Miracle!

Review By Cynthia Foster, M.D.

"Most doctors are familiar with the blood pressure dilemma: inadequate control of blood pressure - often with as many as five different medications, that can be limited by side effects such as headache, asthma, cough, dizziness, impotence, gout, irregular heartbeat, constipation, and fatigue. Many wish they had the time to educate their patients about blood pressure and what they can do for themselves to improve their own blood pressure readings. In my profession, I've seen brilliant turnarounds in people who decided to take charge of their own health with diet, lifestyle and supplements.

Frank Mangano's well-researched book The Blood Pressure Miracle helps us to understand blood pressure, how it works, and how to change it. By analyzing all of the factors that go into creating blood pressure, he helps us to understand that blood pressure is not simply a number, but a reflection of our daily routine. Our daily routine, he shows us, is quite simple to change. Outlined is an effective 60-Day Plan that includes gradual changes that anyone can incorporate into their daily life such as foods to eat, foods to avoid, calming techniques, supplements, and exercise to make significant changes in blood pressure. Highlights of this book are a very informative chapter on blood pressure medications as well as instructions for how to take your own blood pressure. If you are ready to take control of your own blood pressure, read this book!"

Cynthia Foster, M.D.
Author, Stop the Medicine!

See Who Else is Endorsing Blood Pressure Miracle

Take a peek at Blood Pressure Miracle!

INTRODUCTION TO THE MANGANO METHOD – What makes the Mangano Method different from all the other ‘techniques’ found in the market today (p. xiv)

THE OVERWORKED HEART – The truth behind blood pressure and how it causes multiple organ degeneration (p. 17)

TAKING YOUR OWN BLOOD PRESSURE – A step by step guide to taking your own blood pressure at home (p. 19)

UNDERSTANDING YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE – Find out what’s really the normal blood pressure range (p. 22)

THE HEART-WEIGHT CONNECTION – Why people with high blood pressure tend to burn less fat (p. 25)

THE HIDDEN CULPRIT BEHIND JOINT PAIN – Recent studies shed light on why so many people have swollen joints… The truth may surprise you!  (p. 26)

HIDDEN RISKS EXPOSED – Little known risks for high blood pressure are finally revealed for the world to see (p. 31)

EXPLORING HEART MEDICATIONS – An unbiased discussion of heart medication and the science behind it (p. 38)

SIDE EFFECTS GALORE – An exhaustive exploration of the different side effects of different blood pressure medication prescribed by doctors (p. 40)

NATURE POWER – I hand pick specific supplements that have worked for me, my mother and for thousands of other individuals with high blood pressure. A must read! (p. 49)

LIFESTYLE MANUAL – Learn how to single-handedly lower your blood pressure with simple yet powerful lifestyle changes! (p. 107)

HEART-HEALTHY JUICES – Juicing is one of the healthiest practices around. Create tasty, heart-healthy juices at home to lower your blood pressure (p. 115)

MEDITATION & BLOOD PRESSURE - There is scientific proof that meditation at home can reduce your blood pressure. Interested? Read more about it on page 116 of the Blood Pressure Miracle

RELAX FOR A HEALTHIER HEART – In this section, I share with you my secret relaxation techniques that will definitely help you lower your blood pressure (p. 119)

STARTING A PERSONAL EXERCISE PLAN – Lifestyle change, diet modification and exercise are essential for total wellness. Find out more about starting a great exercise plan on page 125 of the Blood Pressure Miracle

THE SIXTY DAY PLAN – Here I share with you the Sixty Day Plan, the core of the Mangano Method for Natural Blood Pressure Control. In this section, I will hold your hand and take you through all the phases needed to lower your blood pressure naturally. Everything you need to know and do are included in this comprehensive section of the Blood Pressure Miracle (p. 128)


Review By New York State Registered Pharmacist
Joseph Camporeale, R.Ph.

"Mr. Mangano's book "The Blood Pressure Miracle" is an invaluable book tailored to reduce the major risk known as hypertension. It's a complete lifestyle manual that left no stone unturned, ranging from exercise, food, music, meditation, herbs and supplements. I was impressed by the guidelines mapped out in the book leading to a healthier lifestyle. I'm a licensed pharmacist and I'm aware of and I've seen the undesirable side effects of prescription medications used to control hypertension such as dizziness and fatigue. Therefore, I would always choose a natural, holistic approach to manage high blood pressure. Mr. Mangano's work has been terrific."


Joseph Camporeale, R.Ph.

See Who Else is Endorsing Blood Pressure Miracle

To sweeten the deal, I’m throwing in a few unbelievably great bonuses just for you:

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Power Your Mind To Improve Blood Pressure

Luckily, high blood pressure can be lowered by making lifestyle changes and this is where hypnotherapy comes in. It can be difficult to make major life changes such as watching your food intake, exercising, and leading a healthy lifestyle, but this hypnosis session makes it easier to lower your blood pressure.

Hypnotherapy is a natural method to use in order to lower your blood pressure. If you have high blood pressure, or if you are borderline high, you need to take action in order to lower your blood pressure. Hypnosis is simple because you listen to the session every night before going to bed for 3 weeks. On the recording, Steve G. Jones will give you positive and powerful suggestions to help you naturally lower your blood pressure!

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A FREE "Stress reduction" MP3 using advanced hypnosis technology by Master hypnotist Kent Sayre. This MP3 alone will relieve much of the stress in your life. In this hypnosis audio program, you're given suggestions to eliminate all your stress. Nothing could be more relaxing than this. You'll fall in love with this program over and over every time you use it because of what it does for you and the amazing powerful results you experience. Put an end to stress now and step into a new way of being...totally relaxed...comfortable...and notice how good it feels.

Lessons From The Miracle Doctors

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This amazing, 177 step by step guide will teach you how to achieve optimum health and find relief from illness.


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FREE Lifetime Upgrades

This electronic manual is a living, breathing document that I plan to continue to update as I make new discoveries. This means that you’ll always have the latest and greatest information at your fingertips.

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Natural health and asthma expert Susan Millar, and natural health expert and author Chet Day, have created an in-depth report about asthma prevention including detailed information about a highly effective, natural asthma treatment for parents and asthma sufferers. In this exclusive report and interview an 18 page PDF e-book, you will learn:

  • How Asthma & Allergy Sufferers Can Reduce Frequency And Severity Of Asthma and Allergy Attacks In Their Home

  • What Every Parent Should Know - Simple Ways Parents Can Significantly Reduce Their Baby’s Risk of Developing Asthma and Allergies

  • Why Drugs Aren’t The Solution - Plus A Highly Effective, Natural Asthma Treatment That Addresses The Causes Of Asthma To Safely Eliminate Symptoms

This 3-part health report has so much vital and important information that can help you prevent the development of asthma and to eliminate asthma symptoms if you already have asthma, so that you can live a healthy, active lifestyle without drugs. It could even help save you or your child’s life.

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Listen up here…you’ve read about what the blood pressure electronic manual can do for you. You know you’re interested in owning this electronic manual or else you wouldn’t have read this far. You know it’s a screamin’ great deal that comes backed with an iron clad better-than-risk-free guarantee. And now you’re going to take action to own this now. Hurry and pick up your copy today and watch how quickly and easily your life changes as your blood pressure sinks…almost overnight.

Here’s why you must order today – I have priced this electronic manual at what I consider to be a very generous and fair price…and in fact..it is only a market test. I will also be testing higher prices for this electronic manual. Here’s something you must realize – I reserve the right to jack up the price…probably by $20 minimum…at any time without notice. Shoot…that could happen tomorrow, next week, or later today.

If you see that the investment is still only $27.00, consider yourself lucky and hurry and order right now.

If you don’t order, you’ll end up paying more later and kick yourself for not acting now. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you. So just take advantage of this offer today and get the “steal of a lifetime” by ordering today. Do it now.



This is Frank Mangano, founder of the “Mangano Method”, saying I wish you good health.

To Your Good Health,

Frank Mangano
Author, "The Blood Pressure Miracle"
Consumer Health Advocate

P.S. Pay attention to my unbeatable, Risk-Free Guarantee – You’re going to drop your blood pressure and love every part of the electronic manual. If at any time during the next eight weeks you’re not totally bowled over with delight, then simply let me know and I’ll give you a prompt, full, no-hassle refund.